About us

Craftsmanship is in our heart and soul

Ironmongery isn't just a business to us, it's our story. From our earliest days we nurtured that desire to create using the strength and beauty of steel. Years of passion and experience gives you quality craftsmanship you don't just see, but can feel in every movement.

Managing Director

Ewelina Started Black Steel Doors two years ago with the idea of creating beautiful homes and office spaces. Her family started as Blacksmiths 40 year’s ago and so today she wants to bring her heritage to the modern world. Family is the name of the game, with all staff members in Black Steel Doors being related. When she’s not working, Ewelina spends time with her two year old daughter, husband and puppy.

Ewelina W

Spencer joined us 6 months ago to take overall control of Sales and Operations. His careers started in Solar Sales in Australia in the Commercial and Residential sectors, continuing into recruiting for the construction industry when he returned to the UK. With his BA in Commercial Product Design Spencer puts to use his creative skills in each and every project.

Spencer Suttie
Sales Director

Chris joined us from Poland, moving to England to assist Ewelina set-up Black Steel Doors. Background running a successful business has given him the experience to deal with all walks of life. With his technical knowledge, Chris is able to collate estimates incredibly quickly and accurately for commercial and residential projects.

Chris Mytnik
Sales Manager

Kacper is currently studying a BA in Pure Mathematics at Sheffield University while working for Black Steel Doors. He has written a calculating program for Black Steel Doors and is advanced with CAD programmes, When he isn’t working, Kacper enjoys cooking exotic foods for friends and family.

Kacper Mytnik
Technical Manager